Terms of participation and data protection information on the management of personal data related to GyőrKids Festival

Terms of Participation:

Children under 14 may enjoy the free plays available during the 11th GyőrKids Festival (hereinafter referred to the Festival).
The child may take part in the free plays if he or she registers by presenting a smiling photo taken of him or her (hereinafter referred to as the photo).
The photo must be presented in a printed form. It is not compulsory to present the photo during the registration, if the photo is given to the organisers of the festival, then the person providing the photo gives his or her consent to the data management specified in this information. Consent to the data management is given by presenting the photo.
The person exercising the parental right (parent or guardian exercising the parental right) is entitled to present the photo in the case of children under 14.

Data protection information
This data protection information applies to the management of the personal data by the Data Manager in the framework of the GyőrKids Festival, and is valid from 25 May 2018.
This information has been made in view of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation, hereinafter referred to as GDPR).

1. Data of the Data Manager
Data Manager: Vaskakas Puppet Theatre
Representative of the Data Manager: Rozi Kovács Director
Postal address: 9022 Győr, Cuczor Gergely u. 17
E-mail: vaskakas@vaskakas.hu

2. Data Protection Officer
Törökné Dr. Judit Mánik
E-mail: manik.judit@gyor-ph.hu

3. Legal base for data management
Legal base for data management: the consent of the person taking part in the Festival (hereinafter referred to as the child) on the basis of Article 6(1)(a) of the GDPR. The consent is given by presenting the photo.

 4. Field of the managed data and purpose of the data management
The Data Manager will place the printed photo of the child only on the smile table, and will annually display it in the centre of Győr during the period of the GyőrKids Festival. In addition, the Data manager popularises the GyőrKids Festival by using the smile table (e.g. at festivals, at the events of Győr City of County Rank)

After the GyőrKids Festival, the smile table will be placed by the Data Manager in a closed storeroom, and only the colleagues of the Data Manager may have an access to it to for the purpose of care and maintenance.

The photo will not be digitalised or reproduced. No profile will be made or automated decision made in connection with the data management.

5. Data Forwarding
The personal data will not be forwarded to third parties other than those specified in Section 4, to third countries or international organisations, except for public organisations specified in the legislation or in the mandatory legal act of the European Union, who request personal data from the Data Manager for their examinations made in specific cases.

 6. Period of Data Management
The Data Manager will retain the photo as personal data from taking the photo as long as it annually arranges the GyőrKids Festival. If the GyőrKids Festival is not arranged, the smile tables and the photos will be destroyed, and thereby the data management will be terminated.

7. Data Management Related Rights
7.1.   The person concerned may request information from the Data Manager via the contacts specified in Section 1 as to what personal data is managed by the data manager and on what legal base, for what data management purpose, from what source, for how long, and to whom, on the basis of what legislation and to what personal data access is provided and to whom the data is forwarded by the Data Manager.

7.2.   The person concerned may request the Data Manager to correct (modify) the personal data related to him or her, to supplement, delete them in view of the purpose of the data management, and object to the management of such personal data via the contacts given in Section 1.

 7.3.  The Data Manager will meet the request without any unreasonable delay, and notify the person concerned on the measure or the reason for non-performance within 1 month. The 1 month period may be extended with 2 months in view of the complexity of the request and the number of the requests. The Data Manager will inform the Person Concerned on the extension of the period and the reasons for the delay within 1 month from receipt of the request.

 7.4.  The Person Concerned my request the Data Manager in writing via the contacts given in Section 1 to limit the management of the personal data, if the Person Concerned:
- argues their accuracy for the period of the control by the Data Manager for accuracy,
- argues the lawfulness of data management, and requests the limitation of the use of data,
- requests it for the submission, enforcement or protection of legal demands, though the Data Manager does not need the personal data any more,
- objects to the management of the personal data for the period until it is established that the lawful reasons of the Data Manager have a priority over the lawful reasons of the Person Concerned.

 7.5.  In connection with the management of this personal data the Data Manager is not in a position to be able to identify the Person Concerned on the basis of the managed personal data. In view of this, the Person Concerned can exercise his or her rights given in Sections 7.1 to 7.4, if he or she provided supplementary information allowing him or her to be identified. (For example, he or she provides the copy of the photo for the Data Manager, and indicates the year of handing over.)

 8. Data Safety
The Data Manager will take all the necessary safety steps, organisational and technical measures in order to ensure the protection of the privacy of the persons concerned. The Data Manager will take proper technical and personal measures to protect the personal data managed by it among others against any unauthorised access or any unauthorised modification. (E.g. it provides for the safe storage of the personal data, controls the access rights, and limits access to the necessary extent.)

Please note that you may contact the data protection official of the Data Manager if you have any complaint in connection with the management of the personal data.

You may report your complaint also to the Hungarian National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information (www.naih.hu), and if your rights related to the management of your personal data are violated, you may contact the tribunal competent at your address or place of residence (www.birosag.hu/torvenyszekek).