10.00 Langaléta Garabonciások: János Háry
12.00 Ziránó Theatre: Tom Thumb
2.00 János Pályi: László Gallant
4.00 Kabóca Puppet Theatre: Kodzsugukila, the witch

János Pályi: László Gallant
In the traditional market puppet play, the joyful fellow with the red cap teaches a lesson to the devil and Death itself with a frying pan. A hilarious, joyous gloved puppet play, which is preceded by marketplace tricks. It might even turn out that there are children in the audience with juggling skills. For his performance János Pályi has won the best puppeteer prize at carious national and international festivals.
“János Pályi belongs to the most exquisite puppeteers. His László Gallant is a revelation because he carefully preserves the original, and simultaneously reinvents it according to his own taste.” Gábor Bóta, critic
Designed by: Gyula Majoros, Géza Blattner prize-winner
Directed by: Ildikó Kovács, Géza Blattner prize-winner
Played by: János Pályi, Géza Blattner prize-winner

Ziránó Theatre: Tom Thumb
Despite his smallness, our hero would like be great help to his father, who must constantly be alert in order to protect his son from getting into trouble during his attempts to help his father. Despite his father's constant care, trouble is unavoidable, and, as we know it, as the going gets tough, the tough gets going. On his difficult way he must face several trials until he reaches his worthy destination. The well-known Hungarian folktale comes alive in our performance, following the traditions of market puppet plays, the absurd humour of glove puppets, and getting children and adults acquainted with the experience of direct story-telling. What kind of feeling might it be to wander around the world if one is not bigger than a bean? What can it feel like in the belly of a cow, or under the pillow of a princess? Can anyone so small tame a beast? This and many others will be answered by the performance of Ziránó Theatre.
Written and directed by: András Veres (Blattner-prize winner)
Played by: Zsófia Pfeifer, Péter Róbert Varga
Designed and made by: Szilárd Boráros

Kabóca Puppet Theatre: Kodzsugukila, the witch
Dzséli, the magician musician flies us to Africa, and its most special corner: his own hut. While he is playing his music, he is telling us the story of Kaili and Szandzsi, and we'll get to know a brave jumping mouse, a graceful antelope, and Kodzsugukila, the merciless witch. During the tale anything can come true, including the drums becoming able to speak. 
Workshop: Krisztina Benkő, Péter Kerekes, Ágnes Zsida
Technology: Benedek Bálint, Zoltán Boros
Written by: Anna Sándor
Music composed by: Danny Bain
Designed by: Enikő Bodnár
Directed by: Viktória Szántó
Played by: Danny Bain

Start date: 
Sunday, 8 July 2018 - 10:00am to 6:00pm