Alina's Győrkids Tips

Alina, a girl from Győr, will be 10 years old this year, exactly the same age as Győrkids Festival. Alina has been taking part in the festival every year since she was a baby, so she's celebrating now together with Vaskakas Puppet Theatre and its small company, the founders of Győrkids Festival. 10 candles will be blown on the birthday chocolate cake... However, before the day comes when the cake gets out of the oven, the 10-year-old Alina is going to recommend you her 10 favourite Győrkids games! 

Krisztina Tóth, the beautiful poetess, is whispering secrets to Alina. If you are curious what the secret of the golden letter is, you can learn it from Krisztina Tóth herself at the 10th festival!
Dani Varró, Anna Szabó T., Bori Szabó, Petra Finy - a wonderful list of poets, don't miss it!