Mayor's Greeting

Dear Győrkids,

This year there are 10 candles to blow on the birthday cake of Győrkids Festival. I am giving you the key of the city for the tenth time, and I am giving you and the company of Vaskakas Puppet Theatre our city for a complete weekend and I am wishing you for the tenth time to have a wonderful time with your parents and grandparents in this gigantic playground that the city centre has turned into.

In the past 10 years, around 300 000 Győrkids have been radiating their smiles throughout the city of Győr. Apart from the numerous visitors, the success of the festival is proved by the two-time Outstanding Art Festival reward as well as the qualifications of the European Festivals Association. The most important of all, though, is that the inhabitants of Győr also support and cherish Győrkids Festival, which is inviting you for an enormous birthday party in the name of the Olympics before the EYOF.

I believe that even the sun will shine more beautifully in the city where so many dear children smile every year!

Happy birthday and have a wonderful time!

Zsolt Borkai
Mayor of Győr