Győrkids Ville - Fairy Tale Schedule

11.00 Mancsi Fabók Puppet Theatre: The Fairy of the Three-Branched Oak
13.00 Langaléta Garabonciások: Gallant jokes, tiny stories
15.00 János Pályi: László Gallant
17.00 Pupetta Company: Péter the Deceiver

Mancsi Fabók Puppet Theatre: The Fairy of the Three-Branched Oak
In the middle of the dense forest, a witch that from the weeds outgrew is keeping three fairy maids locked in an ancient oak. Our tale tells you how the immature royal offspring frees them all, but loses two, and falls in love with the third desperately.
Their happiness must be postponed since we can’t forget about the witch! With alluring tricks she stands between those two created for one another, steals the fairy maid not once, and oh, what cruelties she does! How the beautiful, innocent and weak fairy maid finds her power, and how the prince becomes a true royal person of wide open eyes, and whether their love fights the dark intricacies will only be seen by those present at our performance.
Set and puppet design: Ákos Mátravölgyi | Gapit master: András Lénárt
Created by: Mariann Fabók and Árpád Keresztes Nagy

János Pályi: László Gallant
In the traditional market puppet play, a cheerful red-capped guy gives a lesson to the devils and to death itself with his pancake pan. A scintillating and joyful puppet-glove play preceded by market spectacles. It might even turn out that there are children with juggling gifts in the audience.
János Pályi received several awards for his performance on various national and international festivals where he was named the best puppeteer.
János Pályi belongs to the best puppeteers. His acting in László Gallant is a revelation, for while preserving the original, he builds it further in his own terms.” Gábor Bóta, critic
Designed by: Gyula Majoros, Géza Blattner Prize winner
Directed by: Ildikó Kovács, Géza Blattner Prize winner
Played by: János Pályi, Géza Blattner Prize winner

Pupetta Company: Péter the Deceiver
One, two or maybe three lads are on their feet in this country, but one of them is a gal. These well-dressed lads are just as shrewd as Péter the Deceiver, hero of their story, but they don’t only play tricks on those that deserve it, but you as well. Or not only you, but themselves too? If you are curious who can say the braver thing, how the judge punishes his wife, or how the three loud heroes can make do with the tight space they have, then this is where you have to be! For the narrative line of the performance, these three souls are not enough, we need you as well, so bring along your loudest voice.

Start date: 
Saturday, 1 July 2017 - 10:00am to 8:00pm
Sunday, 2 July 2017 - 10:00am to 6:00pm