The Hill the Devil Ploughed - the performance of Bóbita Puppet Theatre with giant puppets and stilts

The hill Szársomlyó next to Villány is said to have been ploughed by the Devil himself. Why did he do so, you’re asking. He badly wanted to conquer Harka, the daughter of the witch in Nagyharsány, and the only way he could win her was to finish ploughing the hill by the break of dawn. He had almost succeeded when the witch figured out a new trick to save her daughter from the Devil…

Our outdoor performance is based on the myths of the “Devil’s Cauldron” with artist on stilts, giant puppets and hot music.

The myth from Szársomlyó adapted and directed by: Zoltán Tóth
Assistant Director: Gábor Sramó
Dramaturgy: Melinda Papp
Designer: Dorottya Boros
Music: Tamás Czigány
Puppets created by: Anna Bódiné Kövecses, Hajnalka Fekete, Veronika Thébesz, Géza Nagy Kovács, Ferenc Kapási
Performed by: Judit Vadon, Dániel Czéh, Gábor Kalocsányi, Lóránt Matta, Melinda Papp
Musician: Tamás Czigány

Start date: 
Friday, 30 June 2017 - 8:30pm