Győr Kids Festival among the awardees of the European Festivals Association

In 2017 local festivals have had the chance to compete for the second time in the international field: the aim of EFFE (Europe for Festivals - Festivals for Europe) organized by the European Festivals Association is to promote the festivals of Europe for an ever-growing audience. In addition, with its programme of unique recognition the Association intends to acknowledge the everyday work of festival organizers done with the local community and the outstanding efforts made for the art scene.

The tender has been launched for the second time and hundreds of festivals have applied in order to prove their commitment to the local community and the quality of art, as well as their work done in the European and the international field. The professional juries of each country evaluated the tenders, which they subsequently forwarded to the international jury - this is how the qualifications of EFFE were born. Fruzsina Szép, the director of the Berlin Festival and Lollapalooza Berlin, Anna Tardy, the committee member of NKA and cultural consultant of EMMI, as well as Károly Gerendai, the founder and director of Sziget Festival were the members of the Hungarian committee. The international jury was chaired by Sir Jonathan Mills, director of the Edinburgh International Festival, the biannual event acclaimed by UNESCO.

According to the decision of the Hungarian and the international jury, Győr Kids Festival 2016 organized by Vaskakas Puppet Theatre in Győr has participated successfully in the festival recognition programme of EFFE, thereby becoming officially a qualified festival of the European Festivals Association. The committee claimed that the festival did not only offer exquisite programmes for families, with a special focus on children, but also functions as an important artistic forum for Hungarian puppet and children’s theatres.

The date of the 10th Győr Kids Festival is 30 June - 2 July 2017.